Goddesses Don't Buy Green Bananas
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Goddesses Don't Buy Green Bananas is a heart-felt compilation of extraordinary photos of some extraordinary women. It is a pictorial essay that will grab your attention with stories of triumph, conviction, power and bravery-- a book that Lesley Daley (author/photographer) wished was available when her thirty-five year old husband was diagnosed with cancer. Driven by her own desperate need to find "comfort" with cancer, she produced this book.

There are few books about cancer that offer compassion and humanity. Most are inflated with pages of intense text without the use of color or pictures of people; when you are terrified you want to connect and empathize with someone that is similar to you. The "Goddesses" that are photographed in this book are real-women; they are wives, mothers and friends. Their ages are from 12 to 70 years old; a widespread audience can personally identify with one or all of them. Each one was just too young, too much in love or had too much work to do. There is not a right time to get cancer, it takes away too much and it does not care who you are. Cancer shows no respect about age, beauty, wealth or fame. It's only when cancer faces unusual human capability that the story is some times reversed.

Goddesses Don't Buy Green Bananas is a visual journey and a photographic celebration of hope.